Benefits of the HALT HASS Technology

Implementation of HALT and HASS processes can produce significant benefits to an organization across the entire life cycle of a product.



HALT/HASS Testing Benefits



  • Reduce product development & design time
  • Speed time to market
  • Ensure product quality & reliability
  • Increase customer confidence
  • Reduce warranty costs
  • Increase profitability

A mature product will be attained much sooner.
The ability to detect and correct defects much earlier in the design and production cycles provides major advantages in terms of time and dollars saved. A high degree of product maturity is realized prior to product shipment as opposed to traditional “life cycle time” in the field.

Production release will be expedited.
Proper use of HALT technology greatly enhances the probability of completing DVT or Qualification testing on initial passes. Minimizing “redesigns” and repeated test cycles and thus cutting weeks or months from the development schedule, translates into significant savings in total program costs.

Warranty costs will be greatly reduced.
HALT & HASS implementation delivers a far more mature product than previous test processes. Early life failures have been minimized, operational margins have expanded, manufacturing defects have been controlled, and overall product reliability has been elevated to new levels. These factors have led to real-world reductions in reliability issues, warranty costs, and NDF (no defect found) situations.

Customer satisfaction will be enhanced.
The ability to consistently deliver reliable, cost-effective product solutions is one of the keys to achieving and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. HALT & HASS technology has consistently demonstrated the ability to provide the product quality required to maintain positive relationships with customers. And given the fact that it costs at least five times as much to gain a new customer as it does to maintain a current one, the advantages inherent in the use of these technologies becomes quite evident.

HALT Chamber without diaphragm